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class L'ADROIT
IMG: France - Destroyers - class L\
Foudroyant (1933)

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IMG: France - Destroyers - class L\

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Délka maximální
(Length OA)
Délka na hladině
(Length WL)
Ponor standard
Ponor maximální
(Draft max.)
Výtlak standardní
(Standard displacement)
1,356 t
Výtlak plný
(Full displacement)
1,968 t
4 × 130mm (4×I)
2 × 37mm (2×I-AA)
4 × 13.2mm (2×II-AA)
6 × TT 550mm (2×III)
2 tubíny (turbines) Rateau-Bretagne, 35,000 HP, 2 hřídele (shafts)
Max. rychlost
33 uzlů (knots)
Posádka max.
Posádka mírová
(Peace crew)

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Basque At. & Ch. de la Seine Maritime18.09.192625.05.192905.03.1931(2) 03.07.1940 interned in Alexandria
17.05.1943 transferred to
(P) 10.12.1952 decommisioned
Bordelais Forges & Ch. de la Gironde19.11.192623.05.192808.04.1930(2) 27.11.1942 scuttled in Toulon
Boulonnais Ch. Nav. Francais de Caen04.05.192601.06.192725.06.1928(2) 08.11.1942 sunk off Casablanca / W of Cape Fedala after battle with USS Brooklyn (CL 40) [10]
Brestois Ch. Dyle & Bacalan17.05.192618.05.192715.06.1928(2) 08.11.1942 heavy damaged off Casablanca in battle with USS Wichita (CA 45) and USS Tuscaloosa (CA 37)
09.11.1942 sunk in Casablanca due to previous damages
Forbin Forges & Ch. de la Med La Seyne29.06.192717.07.192801.05.1930(2) 03.07.1940 interned in Alexandria
06.1943 transferred to
(P) 10.11.1952 decommisioned
Foudroyant Ch. Dyle & Bacalan28.07.192724.04.192910.10.1930(2) 01.06.1940 sunk off Dunkerque (51°05'12"N,002°15'33"E) by a German aircrafts [18]
Fougueux At. & Ch. de Bretagne21.09.192704.08.192815.06.1930(2) 24.05.1940 poškozena u Boulogne něm. letadly
08.11.1942 sunk off Casablanca (33°42'N,007°37'W) in battle with USS Massachusetts (BB 59) and #Tuscaloosa [11]
Frondeur Ch. Nav. Francais de Caen09.11.192729.06.192928.10.1931(2) 08.11.1942 heavy damaged in Casablanca in battle with USS Wichita (CA 45) and USS Tuscaloosa (CA 37)
09.11.1942 sunk in Casablanca due to previous damages
L'Adroit At. & Ch. de France26.05.192501.04.192701.06.1929
? 01.07.1929
(2) 20.05.1940 beached off Dunkerque (51°03'25"N,002°23'12"E) after damaged by a German aircrafts [27, 1]
L'Alcyon Forges & Ch. de la Gironde01.02.192526.06.192615.07.1929(2) 08.11.1942 damaged off Casablanca by a British or US ships
13.11.1942 captured in Morocco
transferred to
(P) 10.11.1952 decommisioned
La Palme Anciens Ch. Dubigeon16.05.192530.06.192606.02.1928(2) 27.11.1942 scuttled in Toulon
26.12.1943 raised, not repaired
La Railleuse Anciens Ch. Dubigeon30.07.192509.09.192615.03.1928(2) 24.03.1940 sunk in Casablanca by own torpedo explosion [28]
Le Fortuné Ch. Nav. Francais de Caen11.09.192515.11.192601.07.1928(2) 22.06.1940 interned in Alexandria
07.1943 transferred to
(P) 31.08.1950 decommisioned
Le Mars Ch. Nav. Francais de Caen08.07.192528.08.192620.01.1928(2) 27.11.1942 scuttled in Toulon
06.05.1944 raised, not repaired
 Total records: 14Display: 1 - 14
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