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class ADUA
IMG: Italy - Coastal submarines - class ADUA -

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IMG: Italy - Coastal submarines - class ADUA

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Délka maximální
(Length OA)
Délka na hladině
(Length WL)
Ponor standard
Výtlak vynořená
(Displacement surfaced)
623 t
Výtlak ponořená
(Displacement submerged)
866 t
Maximální ponor
(Maximal dive)
8 × TT 533mm (4p+4z)
1 × 100mm (-/47)
2 × 13.2mm
2 × diesel 1,400bhp, 2 × electric 800shp, 2 hřídele (shafts)
Rychlost vynořená
(Speed surfaced)
14 uzlů (knots)
Rychlost ponořená
(Speed submerged)
7.5 uzlů (knots)
3,180 nm @ 10.5 uzlů (knots) vynořená (surface)
74 nm @ 4 uzlů (knots) ponořená (submerged)
Posádka max.

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AduaADC.R.D.A., Monfalcone01.02.193613.09.1936[Compl] 14.11.1936(2) 30.09.1941 sunk NW of Algiers by HMS Gurkha and HMS Legion
AlagiALC.R.D.A., Monfalcone19.04.193615.11.1936[Compl] 06.03.1937(2) 09.09.1943 surrendered to the Allied
(P) 1947 decommisioned
AradamARC.R.D.A., Monfalcone14.02.193618.10.1936[Compl] 16.01.1937(2) 09.09.1943 acutled in Genoa
raised by a Germans
sunk by Allied aircrafts
AscianghiASO.T.O. Muggiano20.01.193705.12.1937[Compl] 26.03.1938(2) 23.07.1943 sunk S of Sicily by HMS Eclipse and HMS Laforey
AxumAXC.R.D.A., Monfalcone08.02.193627.09.1936[Compl] 02.12.1936(2) 28.12.1943 wrecked off W Pelopones coast
BeilulBUO.T.O. Muggiano02.07.193722.05.1938[Compl] 14.09.1938(2) 09.09.1943 captured in Monfalcone by a Germans
(? 09.09.1943 scuttled in Monfalcone)
DagaburDACantieri Tosi, Taranto16.04.193622.11.1936[Compl] 09.04.1937(2) 12.08.1942 sunk N of Algiers by HMS Wolverine
DessiéDECantieri Tosi, Taranto20.04.193622.11.1936[Compl] 14.04.1937(2) 28.11.1942 sunk off Annaba by HMS Quentin and HMAS Quiberon
DurboDUO.T.O. Muggiano08.03.193706.03.1938[Compl] 01.07.1938(2) 18.10.1940 sunk E of Gibraltar by HMS Firedrake and HMS Wrestler, and by a British Saro London aircrafts
GondarGOO.T.O. Muggiano15.01.193703.10.1937[Compl] 28.02.1938(2) 30.09.1940 sunk off Alexandria (31°35'N,028°43'E) by HMAS Stuart and HMS Diamond and by a British Sunderland (230. Sq.)
LafoléLFO.T.O. Muggiano30.06.193710.04.1938[Compl] 13.08.1938(2) 20.10.1940 sunk N of Melilla by HMS Gallant, HMS Hotspur and HMS Griffin
Macallé-O.T.O. Muggiano01.03.193629.10.1936[Compl] 01.03.1937(2) 15.06.1940 wrecked off Port Sudan
NegheliMGO.T.O. Muggiano25.02.193707.11.1937[Compl] 28.02.1938(2) 19.01.1941 sunk off Pelopones coast by HMS Greyhound
SciréSRO.T.O. Muggiano30.01.193706.01.1938[Compl] 25.04.1938(2) 10.08.1942 sunk off Haifa by HMS Islay
TembienTEO.T.O. Muggiano06.02.193706.02.1938[Compl] 01.07.1938(2) 02.08.1941 sunk Strait of Sicily by HMS Hermione
UarsieckURCantieri Tosi, Taranto02.12.193619.09.1937[Compl] 04.12.1937(2) 15.12.1942 sunk S of Malta by HMS Petard and řec. Vasilissa Olga
Uebi ScebeliUSCantieri Tosi, Taranto12.01.193703.10.1937[Compl] 21.12.1937(2) 29.06.1940 sunk W of Crete by HMS Dainty and HMS Ilex
 Total records: 17Display: 1 - 17
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